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commissioned works

As a strong proponent of new music, Danielle is committed to expanding both solo percussion and chamber repertoire through the participation in and organization of commissioning projects. She has commissioned over 25 new compositions since 2015, eight of which will be completed and/or premiered in 2019. Composers have included James Grant, Steven Snowden, Paul Lansky, Shaun Tilburg, and Emmanuel Séjourné. 

as lead commissioner
margaret mcallister
marimba and
want it.
need it.
have it.
as consortium member

title TBA


How Sweet the Thought of              You as Infinite

title TBA


I Leave You the Real World

Metal Light

Museum of Patterns


At Heart

An Economy of Means

Where Light Escapes You

Vera Stanojevic

Alexis Lamb

Emma O'Halloran


Emmanuel Séjourné

Von Hansen

David Skidmore

Paul Lansky

Brooks Frederickson

Dave Molk

Justin Rito

Robert Honstein

Jordan Munson

solo snare drum/elec

solo perc/spoken voice

solo marimba/elec


solo marimba/elec

solo vibraphone/elec

solo vibraphone/elec

solo vibraphone/set-up

solo drum set

solo glockenspiel

solo marimba

solo vibraphone 

solo vibraphone/elec