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Danielle is a highly sought-after educator, clinician, and specialist throughout the United States. She has experience teaching k-12, collegiate, continuing education, and beginning adult learners in a variety of musical settings. Her offerings range from private and group lessons to collegiate residencies, with a focus in percussion performance, musicianship and artistry, injury prevention, and career development.  

private teaching


In addition to her work as a performer, Danielle maintains a private teaching studio in Gainesville, Florida. Lessons are available to students from beginning band through 12th grade, as well as adult learners at any level. All instruction is catered to the individual student's needs/interests - areas of study may include classical contemporary percussion, drumset, hand percussion and 'world' styles, music theory/ear training, and jazz improvisation. She teaches in her home studio which features keyboard percussion, snare drums, drumset, and auxiliary instruments. To learn more about lessons, check out her private teaching page. 

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collegiate and festival options

private lessons

One-on-one instruction with students in any area of percussion, including: contemporary solo literature, ensemble repertoire, drum set, world percussion, and collegiate/festival audition materials. 

clinics and presentations

Sessions on a variety of topics, including: career development as a 21st-century musician, body awareness and physical well-being, and integrating electronics into solo performance.

career consultations

One-on-one instruction with students on topics such as career development, digital marketing, social media, branding, and CV design. Intended for any discipline within the arts. 


Performances of solo or ensemble literature as a means of group participation, direct feedback, and in-depth discussion. Repertoire at any stage of preparation is welcome.


Residencies offer a comprehensive package of these offerings, each tailored to meet the interests of the individual program. A typical residency may include:

  • Career consultations with music majors

  • Performance of John Mackey's Drum Music: Concerto for Percussion and Wind Ensemble

  • Presentation of "Technology Integration for the Modern Percussionist" or "The Enterprising Musician: Career Development in the 21st-Century"

  • Solo recital performance and/or lecture recital

  • Private lessons and masterclass with area students

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offerings for educators


On-site assessment of percussion equipment, including: instruments, hardware, implements, and storage. Individualized purchase recommendations made to fit the budgetary needs of the program. 

Sessions on a variety of topics, including basic technique on common percussion instruments, advanced techniques for secondary educators, selecting solo/ensemble repertoire, and marching arts.

Instrument and equipment maintenance, ranging from single item to full inventory. Instruction for educators on basic maintenance included.  Services made to fit the budgetary needs of the program.

educational sessions

At the high school level, artist residencies may include solo performances, private lessons with students, discussions on careers in music, and a performance of Benoît Chantry's Two Marimba Reflections for solo marimba and band

These sessions focus on teaching strategies rather than technique and execution. Presented in lecture format, topics include "The Distance Dilemma: Teaching Percussion from the Podium" and/or "Buying for the Back of the Band."

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