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Dr. Danielle Moreau is a percussionist, educator, and arts entrepreneur based in Gainesville, Florida. She currently serves as adjunct faculty at the University of Florida and maintains a private studio throughout north-central Florida. Danielle is the co-founder of the Moreau | VanTuinen Duo and an active presenter, clinician, and performing artist throughout the United States and Europe. She proudly endorses Marimba One, Innovative Percussion, and Black Swamp Percussion. 

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Marimba One

Makers of the finest marimbas and vibraphones in the world. No other instrument offers the clarity, response, and flexibility needed to bring my musical ideas to life. 

Innovative Percussion

Makers of marimba mallets, concert sticks, brushes, and beaters. No matter what sounds or effect I am looking for, IP has exactly the implement I need. 

Black Swamp Percussion

Makers of professional tambourines, triangles, auxiliary instruments, and accessory equipment. The perfect option for any performance situation.


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M | V duo

The Moreau | VanTuinen Duo is comprised of Danielle Moreau (percussion) and Danielle VanTuinen (euphonium+tuba)


Check out photos and audio/video samples of performances, including chamber and solo recitals


I offer private lessons or group instruction K-12, collegiate, and continuing education in all areas of percussion


Learn more about some of my current projects, my thoughts on percussion education, and other experiences





Savino at PASIC

November 11, 2021

Danielle Moreau performs Derek Dywoniuk's "Savino" for marimba and tape as part of the New Music/Research presents session in Indianapolis, IN.

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